Tuesday, July 24, 2012

summer style.

       summer style. Hej! Dzisiaj kolejne zdjęcia z moich wakacji, które Wam obiecałam :) niestety dziś dodam ich mało, ale postanowiłam zmienić wielkość dodawanych zdjęć. Mam nadzieję, że to dobry pomysł. Dziękuję za wszystkie komentarze i w najbliższym czasie postaram się dodać kolejne zdjęcia z moją biżuterią, której ilość ciągle się powiększa :) Enjoy!
       summer style. Hey! Today more photos from my holidays that I promised you :) Unfortunately I'll add few today, but I decided to change the size of uploaded photos. Thank you for all the comments, in the near future I'll try to add more photos of my jewelry, which amount is growing :) Enjoy!

dress - H&M
shoes - New Look
sunglasses - Orsay
necklace - gift
nail polish - Rimmel, AVON


  1. Oh, dear! You look amazing! Really, and I'm not joking.
    In some pictures you can notice my blond hair, haha.
    I love the place. It was great.
    And it looks really fantastic.
    By the way, I love your dress. The animal print is fabolous. It's cheetah's or leopard's? Haha. Or jaguar's?
    Hope to see more of your styling, sweet.

    1. Thanks dear!
      Yes, the place was great :) Miss it. xx

  2. Hi dear Agata!

    Your blog is getting better and better all the time! I really like your outfit, the dress is absolutely beautiful:).

    Hope you have a great day and see you soon again♥!

    1. Thanks Iris :)
      Hope you have a nice day too!


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