Monday, September 24, 2012

Colorful autumn.

Hi! Hope you had a nice weekend :) I spent that time with my friend, but today we have Monday, so again back to the duties. Outside the window we have already autumn, but we have still sunny day (like today for me). I don't like cold, but I like sit under a blanket with hot coffee or tea in cold, and dark autumn evening.

Witajcie! Mam nadzieję, że miło spędziliście weekend :) Ja spędziłam go z przyjaciółką, ale dzisiaj mamy już poniedziałek, więc musimy powrócić do naszych codziennych obowiązków. Za oknem już jesień, ale nadal mamy słoneczne dni (jak dzisiaj u mnie). Nie lubię zimna, ale lubię siedzieć pod kocen z gorącą kawą lub herbatą w zimny i ciemny jesienny wieczór.

 Today I'll show you a small interview with me (only in English). 
Dzisiaj przed Wami kilka kolejnych zdjęć + wywiad ze mną (ale tylko po angielsku).

So let's go!
How you would describe your style?
Well, it's difficult. I dress what I want the now and what I actually like. My favourite colour is purple, but for dress I choose also nude, brown or black. I have to feel good in that something to wear which I choose, otherwise I'll go get change it as soon as possible.
Your style - has it been the same through all your life or was it changing few times? Are you happy with it now?
Of course, it has changed a few times. I think that life has an influence on it. Events and our problems definitely change us.
Yes, I think I'm happy with that now, with my style of course.
Where you find your inspiration? In fashion magazines, media, shops, your friends or "city life"?
Honestly? Wherever I can. Of course in fashion magazines I find out what I like, and then I sometimes buy it, sometimes I go to shops, and just see, but other day I buy something.

When you buy clothes and accessories, you buy them at a one shop or it doesn't depend on the brand?
I buy something for myself when I need something, or I just like it (of course it happens less). No, I don't have one shop or one brand. Some of the things I like from one shop, and some of the other. 
When you buy your clothes you are often satisfied with your purchases or rather not?
I always try to think before buying few times, but yes it happened.

You often go shopping alone or with someone to help you in choosing? If someone is with you, you listen to their tips or not really?

Rather no, I don't go shopping alone. I prefer to listen advice e.g. my friend.

How often you do shopping? You do it quite recently or does it depend of how money you have or what you actually need?
It depends. Most time when I need something.

jacket - C&A, scarf - New Yorker, sunglasses - Modo


  1. Oh, how good to see and hear you again here!
    Well, I should have said - good to read you and see your pics.
    I do love your pics! Especially those one with you, when your hair is blowing by the wind, haha.
    It was really nice to read what's ypur opinion about clothes, I can see shopping is your cup of tea!
    Waiting for new posts xoxo

    1. Thanks dear, haha. Yes - my hair, omg. Haha xx

  2. Really nice pics. Great.


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