Saturday, September 8, 2012

Come back / Venice

Witajcie! Dawno mnie tu nie było, dużo u mnie się zmieniło i niestety nie miałam czasu na blogowanie, ale teraz mam nadzieję, że wszystko będzie już tylko lepiej! Ale dość już na mój temat :)
Dzisiaj zdjęcia z moich wakacji + z Wenecji.

Hello! I was here long time ago, a lot of things have changed for me and unfortunately I hadn't time for blogging, but I hope it will be better! But enough about me :)
Today I have pictures from my holidays + from Venice.

Dzisiaj tylko tyle, bo mam aktualnie mało czasu, pozdrawiam!
Today it's all, because I don't have time now.


  1. Welcome back, dear! Really nice to see you again on your blog!
    I hope everything will get better soon!
    I love your pics. Have a hope holidays were great and you did have good time. Wish you everything best with your blog and school, last year!
    You look really wonderful!

    1. Yes I had nice holidays, thanks dear! xxx

  2. Really beautiful pictures, the place looks lovely♥!


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